We have been growing an amazing selection of traditional English Roses for over 30 years. All of our Roses are grown at our nursery on the edge of the South Downs in West Sussex and are now available on our dedicated online nursery website. www.englishroses.co.uk

English Roses
English Roses
English Roses

Quality English Grown Roses

English roses has evolved with one guiding principle; do one thing and do it well. For us, that is to grow top quality English Roses.

Founder Dan has over 30 years experience in garden retail, and with his knowledge has brought together an exciting range of roses that make touching, personal gifts.

In simple terms we grow all of our own roses at our nursery on the edge of the South Downs in West Sussex. Below are a few details about what we do and why.

Outside Rose

We grow our roses outside

This means we are less intensive in our production.

Our roses are surrounded by space and fresh air. Fewer pests means our plants are healthier, and more tolerant of uk conditions.

We do not use heat large greenhouses burning unnecessary carbon fuels.

Peat free compost

We use peat free compost

With years of experience we know what does grow well in peat free compost and what doesn’t. Luckily roses love a 100% peat free compost.

Peat free compost means we are not depleting peat bogs which fulfill a very important ecological role.

Our compost use recycled wood and bark fibre which will improve the moisture retention of your garden soil.

No single use plastics

It’s pretty indefensible to be creating unwanted waste when alternatives are available so…

Our plant pots are made from recycled plastics and can be put into your recycle bin.

Our packaging is manufactured from recycled paper and card.

View our roses and get updates on our website www.englishroses.co.uk or follow our facebook page